Fibro Fitness

Making Fibro Fitness part of your Wellness Regime is easier than you think.

Do you make a point of including exercise and fitness into your Fibromyalgia wellness regime?

For those of us battling Fibromyalgia, with our varied painful symptoms and chronic fatigue, we could be forgiven for putting ideas of exercise to the bottom of our to do list. However, gone are the days of being diagnosed complete rest. Medical professionals are now actively encouraging Fibro warriors to get up and moving.

Having said that, nobody is suggesting that you head out and throw yourself into a half marathon. Nor sign up on the dotted line for the next Olympics.

Why exercise is so important when struggling with Fibromyalgia

Experts believe that exercise is crucial for keeping our muscles strong and flexible. Just think of the last time you sat in one position for too long.  You try to get up and your body is tight and stiff. Now, imagine that feeling over a long period of time with no activity?

Benefits of exercise include having more energy and elevating endorphin levels. Both of which help with maintaining a positive emotional state and a reduction in stress. Other benefits include better sleep.

Did you know that endorphins are our natural pain killers? So, we should be actively encouraging these little pain busting molecules to get to work to reduce aches and pains.

Of course, exercise is also great for burning calories and weight loss. Again, beneficial for taking pressure off already fatigued and sore muscles. All win, win here.

Pace, Pace, Pace

Before undertaking any kind of exercise, it always advisable to get advice from your doctor. They can determine what is the best exercise for you. Take your time and start off slowly, gently building the exercise up.

Initially, you may feel more pain and discomfort but persistence will reap rewards. Steady and gently does it – baby steps will get you where you want to go.

Fibromyalgia & Exercise

Fibromyalgia and Exercise

Generally, you will be looking to include some aerobic exercise. Basically, this is anything which get’s your heart rate up and the circulation going. So, walking, swimming and cycling are great options. I also use a rebounder which is a mini trampoline and this has proven benefits for Fibromyalgia as you can read here 

Low impact exercise such as Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates and gentle stretching can not only help with the physical aspects but are also beneficial in helping with relaxation. Look for a restorative yoga class which helps to adapt the positions to accommodate your pain and fatigue. They will use props such as balls and straps to enable your stiff joints to get into position. Check out our Yoga & Exercise page here on the site

Fibromyalgia and Exercise

I have definitely seen the benefits that exercise has had on my symptoms. I am able to participate in most activities and whilst I may not be up to hiking  any mountains, I can certainly get around under my own steam.

Reap the rewards with just 10 minutes a day

In my experience, just 10 minutes of gentle yoga, stretching or rebounding each day has had huge benefits on my symptoms. Initially it was hard even building up to that, but after a short time, I was rewarded with increased energy which enabled me to push a little further each time.

There are some days when I flare and my body just doesn’t feel up to moving – and that is OK too. It is all about listening to our body and reacting accordingly.

Just strive for more exercise than non exercise days and I feel sure you will be seeing the benefits in no time at all.

Exercise, will allow you to have the energy and stamina to do more of what you love and that can only be good thing – enjoy!

Fibromyalgia & Exercise