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Autumn Equinox
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The Autumn Equinox – How You Can Embrace The New Season

“Seasons of mists and mellow fruitfulness”  ~Keats

If I had to pick a favourite season, I think that Autumn would win hands down. The beautiful colours of the changing scenery and the gathering of the harvest has the power to take my breath away. Who can resist those lovely walks? Kicking through the fallen leaves as the weather brings a little chill to the air. The ultimate for me has to be utilising all those autumnal vegetables into a hearty stew.

As the days shorten and the summer comes to a close, the beginning of Autumn according to the astronomical calendar takes place today, Sunday 23rd September. This 2nd equinox of the year. Also known as Mabon, it happens when the north and south poles are aligned with the sun. This essentially means we get the same amount of daylight hours to those of darkness. Equinox is a Latin word meaning “Equal Night.” After this date, the nights draw in significantly and we can look forward to cosy nights by the fire.

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Emotional Pain
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Pain Is So Much More Than Physical…

Where do you feel your pain? It’s so much more than physical – you know it!!!

According to the Oxford Dictionary, the number one meaning for the word pain is “Highly unpleasant physical sensation caused by illness or injury.” For those of us who battle with chronic pain, we can totally relate. Whether our pain is caused by an illness or injury, chronic pain is all consuming. It is ever present, admittedly in varying degrees, but it is always there. Since my car accident, I truly now understand the concept of relentless physical pain.

I am discovering that the injuries I have suffered, are so much more than physical. There are days when my mind and emotions are a mess. Today, is a perfect example. Let me just try and unscramble my thoughts and feelings here. To share them in the hope that there is somebody out there that can relate….

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