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why med free is for me
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Why Med Free Is For Me

Can you really cope with Fibromyalgia med free?

In my case, the answer is an emphatic yes!!

Throughout the 28 years of battling Fibromyalgia, this declaration that I am “med free” has often resulted in my being condemned by fellow sufferers who doubt my diagnosis. Many have claimed that “I can’t possibly have Fibromyalgia if I don’t use medication” or “that my pain is not as bad as theirs” as though our condition is some kind of mega competition.

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Fibromyalgia and Fear

Fibromyalgia and Fear. You would be forgiven for thinking that these are two words which belong together. Well not in my world!!

For those of you recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia or those who may have an inkling that perhaps you are showing symptoms of having the condition, it is easy to allow some fear to creep in. When words like “incurable”, “chronic” and “heightened pain responses” are used it is understandable that an element of fear will kick in and your outlook is considered gloomy.

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