Fighting Fibromyalgia
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Fibromyalgia. Fighting The Battles & Winning The War!

Every day is a battle but who is winning the war?

Since I began Fibro Fantastic, I have often been asked how do I manage to focus on the positives whilst battling Fibromyalgia? The answer to that is what are the alternatives? I guess I have two choices but only one is worth pursuing.

The truth is that there is certainly nothing positive about having a chronic condition. But given that there is currently no cure for Fibromyalgia, then I feel that I must change and adapt. So read on to see how I do just that….

Learn to dance in the rain

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Guest Blogger Mandy Halgreen
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Guest Blogger ~ Mandy Halgreen

Journaling to cope with life experiences

A life experience changes our way of thinking about ourselves and where we want to go. A life experience can be a medical diagnosis or an actual event we were involved in or saw. The experiences change the way we look at the world and ultimately ourselves.

I remember feeling angry, depressed and scared when I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. I didn’t know how to explain it to my family.

They blamed me and made me feel that I could have stopped it or taken better care of myself. Unfortunately, I had done nothing wrong. I hadn’t abused my body, a virus attacked my body and initially, the misdiagnosis allowed it to go ‘dark’ while damaging my pancreas. In a way, I was lucky that my doctor was also a diabetic because I felt someone understood where I was and the questions I had.

In the aftermath, I knew my whole life would have to change – what I ate, what exercise I did, how I enjoyed myself (parties and that sort of thing) and my mental health. While diabetes is not a mental health disease, it does affect one’s view of themselves.

I felt so alone! My family criticised my eating habits and I hid my ‘condition’ from friends to avoid rejection and pain.

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