Dry Body Brushing

The Benefits of Dry Body Brushing

Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue is often associated with toxic overload and therefore, finding ways to reduce the toxins in our bodies is crucial to good health. Dry Body Brushing is a great addition to your daily routine.

Many of us opt for a massage as this helps with our aches and pains. However, what the massage is actually doing is moving and draining lymphatic fluid, getting it to freely circulate around the body. Exercise also has the same effect. However, unless we are very lucky, daily massages are just not an option for most people and we may not be up for exercise every day. Dry Body Brushing is free, quick and easy, taking just a few minutes every day.

Just 5 minutes of brushing brings great health benefits.

Not only is the skin the largest organ of the body but it is really important for elimination and detoxification. Lymph is responsible for helping to remove toxins from the body and the skin accounts for the removal of about one third of your body’s toxins.

Often when our body is toxic, this in most cases is reflected on our skin in varying degrees ranging from dry and lack-lustre to oily and acneic. Whilst nutrients are delivered to other areas of the body first before the skin, it is the skin which is the first organ to show signs of dis-ease. Toxic overload can also leave us lacking in energy and suffering with digestive issues.

The benefits of Dry Body Brushing include:

• Increasing circulation which in some cases has improved cellulite.
• Sheds dry skin cells which encourages new cell renewal which ultimately results in brighter skin.
• Releases toxins through the improvement of lymphatic drainage.
• Stimulates the nerve endings which just feels great.
• Helps to eliminate clogged pores and therefore assists absorption of nutrients.
• Helps digestion.
• Tone the muscles.


• For best results, use a natural bristle brush.
• Always brush on dry skin before a shower.
• Work in circular, brisk, upward motions always towards the heart and in the direction of the lymphatic flow.
• Start at the ankles and work up.
• On the back work from the neck, down towards the lower back.
• Use circular counter clock-wise strokes on the stomach
• Lightly brush over the breasts
• Ensure that you never brush over inflamed, sunburnt skin or a skin cancer.
• Always shower after body brushing to wash away the sloughed off skin cells. Follow up with a moisturiser.

Annet King, Director of Global Education for  The International Dermal Institute says that “body brushing helps to remove stagnant toxins that break down connective tissue leading to cellulite however, ultimately there is no conclusive evidence but as a quick fix to plumping the skin, this may be one of the short-lived results of body brushing”.

As with adopting any new regime it will take time to see results and it is recommended daily brushing for a minimum of 30 days to experience some changes. For a more thorough lymphatic cleansing you should brush daily for 3 months to see the benefits.