Fruit waters

One of the most defining traits of Fibromyalgia is our fantastic ability to feel good one day and then totally wiped out the next.

Certainly the reality for me is that I tend to use the feel good days to do too much, probably if you asked my family they would tell you that I tend to do too much on my not so good days too – that is still a work in progress but I am getting better at the “me” time.

I have found that certainly with adopting a healthy eating plan it is important particularly when starting out that you plan ahead. This getting ahead of the game is also useful for us on the days when we aren’t feeling so great, it allows us to grab something healthy and nutritionally sound without too much effort.

The photograph above shows my breakfast consisting of overnight oats and blueberries, a green smoothie for lunch which just needed blending and two fruit and herb waters to drink throughout the day. These were made in advance and kept in the fridge which made them easy to grab the next day. You can make the overnight oats a couple of days in advance for a great, hunger busting brekkie.

I also make up packs for my green smoothies which are stored in the freezer along with frozen grapes for a yummy, sweet snack.

Another favourite of mine is to make a huge pot of brown rice with vegetables, lots of herbs, seasoning and stock, this can then be put into individual containers and frozen, I then use as the basis for a main meal or alternatively it makes a great lunch snack.

What is your favourite plan ahead tip? Please leave your comments below and let me know.