My Big Fat Greek Diet


Does healthy eating and holiday food go hand in hand?? 

Good morning from a beautiful, sunny Kos.

Holidays are great aren’t they? A time to do as much or as little as you want but inevitably they also involve over indulgence. Too much sun, too much drink and certainly too much food. Thankfully, I have never been a sun worshipper so I am OK on that score, no sunburnt skin for me!

I am no longer a real drinker but its holiday time so it would be rude not to have a glass of wine with dinner. To be honest there has been some bubbly stuff for my birthday. 

Often I struggle with selecting a tipple of choice not wanting to resort to fizzy, sugary colas and Fantas. I have relied on good old peppermint tea but even though it has great benefits in moderation, I think I have suffered some adverse effects drinking it in quantity, so still looking.

Water is great but has also seen me visit virtually every loo in Kos!!

I have tried vodka tonic for the first time and have to confess to it being very refreshing and if reports are true it has very few calories. Thank goodness for my Apple Cider Vinegar which is my must have morning drink which I take with hot water and lemon, it survived the trip thankfully!!

Food has surprisingly been a challenge, I knew I could count on salad and veg but invariably the rice and potatoes are white, lots of meat and no real consideration for vegetarian diets. I have stuck with fish which has been fine but in the most part the food has left me feeling bloated and uncomfortable.

With Fibromyalgia, IBS symptoms are never really far away.

Personally I have not suffered for years, but I think the shock of eating food that is put in front of me as opposed to me preparing fresh, healthy and clean food has definitely taken its toll. Symptoms are back with a vengeance but I am confident this will be short-lived and a quick cleanse when I get home will see my digestive system back on track and working as it should.

So in summary, holidays are a time to let your hair down and relax, they are a time to treat yourself and indulge just a little.

I think to keep the adverse IBS symptoms at bay, it is important to be mindful, to keep the treats to a minimum and compensate with lots of salad, fruit and vegetables. I take comfort from knowing my own personal healthy eating plan is just a few days away but in the meantime, I will practice damage limitation and enjoy the last few days of hols.

See you on the other side.

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