Meditation, Mindfulness & Fibromyalgia

MeditationWhat is Meditation?

Meditation is a relaxing practice that helps to calm the mind, reduce stress, minimise nervous energy and anxiety. The main goal of meditation is to try and remain in the present moment whilst attaining a state of deep peace and relaxation.




What is Mindfulness?mindfulness

Mindfulness is the practice of being aware in every possible moment. You pay attention to your own thoughts and reactions at any given time, being aware that our thoughts and feelings can change constantly. By keeping in the present moment, it saves us from dwelling on the past.  Likewise, it also keeps us from looking forward with negativity – this is worry!!



On these pages, I will share the benefits of meditation and mindfulness. Looking at the different practices and how you can incorporate them into your day. With just 5 or 10 minutes of meditation each day, the benefits can be seen fairly quickly. A mindfulness practice will help you too stay in the present moment. In the big scheme of things is the only time that matters.

Everybody can practice both meditation and mindfulness, you need no special skills and just the commitment to give it a go. We will look at the misconceptions around meditation and I will show what it is not as well as what it is.

Meditation and mindfulness has been scientifically proven to succeed where some medications have failed and I look forward to sharing this information with you in the hope that you too will see the definite benefits to your mind, body and soul.

As always, I would love your comments and feedback!!