"I love my life! I am powerful, I am beautiful, I am free.                                                                                      I love my life! I am wonderful, I am magical. I am me." ~ Robbie Williams

Yep, it's true. I love my life, yes that same one which is in a constant fight with Fibromyalgia. Like you, I never asked for it and if I could find that magic pill that would cure it, of course I would take it. But for now, all I have is almost 30 years experience of battling this condition and I want to share all my tried and tested tips to support you on your journey with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain. As a qualified Wellness Coach, I will stand alongside you and offer support in finding out what works best for you. Don't you owe it to yourself "To Thrive, not just Survive"?

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Humbled and Overwhelmed

Yesterday, I got the news that I have been nominated for the WEGO Health Activist  Awards in the Best Kept Secret category.

WEGO is a social network which has been created to build a community of active Health Activists who communicate via their blogs and Twitter, helping to create new relationships, access a variety of resources and reach out to their communities.

I am very surprised and thrilled to have been nominated as this validates what I have been trying to achieve since I started my blog. I always said that if I was able to reach just one person and inspire them to make changes to their lifestyle which could support them in the battle with Fibromyalgia, then my fight with the condition would have been totally worth it. So to have been recognised in this way is overwhelming.



Fibro Blog, Fibromyalgia, Inspiration

We Can Be Heroes

Just a week ago, we learnt that the legendary David Bowie had lost his fight against cancer. By all accounts it was a battle that he fought quietly and bravely until the very end, unseen by all but those closest to him. 

I was no exception when it came to experiencing the shock and sadness felt by so many people, particularly of my generation, his music and that voice was always there.

Within hours of hearing the news, I had watched his final video and listened to his last CD released just 2 days before his death.  His parting words in song were powerful and moving but above all very sad. As I listened to the 7 tracks from his new album “Blackstar”, for sure this was David Bowie saying goodbye in his own theatrical, genius way.

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