"I love my life! I am powerful, I am beautiful, I am free.                                                                                      I love my life! I am wonderful, I am magical. I am me." ~ Robbie Williams

Yep, it's true. I love my life, yes that same one which is in a constant fight with Fibromyalgia. Like you, I never asked for it and if I could find that magic pill that would cure it, of course I would take it. But for now, all I have is almost 30 years experience of battling this condition and I want to share all my tried and tested tips to support you on your journey with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain. As a qualified Wellness Coach, I will stand alongside you and offer support in finding out what works best for you. Don't you owe it to yourself "To Thrive, not just Survive"?

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Fibro Blog, Inspiration

Up and at ’em

One of the most defining Fibro symptoms is our wonderful ability to wake up every morning feeling totally refreshed and raring to go………..not!!

The reality is, we can sleep for 8 hours straight and still wake feeling as though we have been partying until we dropped and then got stampeded by a herd of elephants on the way home. For me this is one of the most puzzling of all of the Fibromyalgia symptoms but probably also the one that has in some ways saved me from succumbing fully to this rotten condition.

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Fibro Blog, Fibromyalgia, Inspiration

Hello and Welcome

When you hear the word Fibromyalgia, what do you think? What words spring to mind with this condition?

Chronic, incurable, pain, fatigue, ……the list is endless. If you suffer with Fibromyalgia you will know where I am coming from, if you don’t, then you cannot even begin to imagine.

Fibro sufferers can you ever imagine using the word fantastic in the same sentence as Fibromyalgia? 

Well stick around because I am in that place and want to share with you how I got here.

Hang on the journey is just beginning!!