Kale & White Beans

The Medicinal Chef

There are so many healthy eating plans around at the moment, it is difficult sometimes to know which you should choose. We want our food to be nutritious, quick and easy to make but above all tasty.

If you are new to clean eating, it is important to get a variety of dishes available to you as I would imagine (it hasn’t happened to me…yet) that eating lots of vegetable based food can get a little boring after a while and you could potentially fall into the rut of same old, same old quite quickly.

I am glad to say that I have never gone short of ideas of what to prepare for dinner and that is down to Dale Pinnock, The Medicinal Chef. His recipe books contain a host of fairly humble ingredients but which have been shown to have beneficial effects on a number of medical conditions.

His recipes are easy to make and give the body a boost to maintain good healthy and increased energy levels. Each recipe comes with a colour coded key a the top of each page which highlights the medical conditions the recipe is good for.http://www.dalepinnock.com/

With his kind permission, he is allowing me to share some of his recipes with you and I will be dedicating a page to this on the main blog.

You can read about Dale at his website on http://www.dalepinnock.com you can also follow him on Twitter @dale_pinnock