6 Weeks to Fibro Fantastic Wellness
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Why Online Wellness Is The Way Forward

Taking Ownership For Your Own Health & Wellness

….and why I chose to share my online wellness strategies.

Back in 1989 when my Fibro symptoms first showed themselves, I was given loads of conflicting advice from doctors. They had no idea of what I was battling on a day to day basis. It took them 11 years before they could actually put a name to the problem. Even after they uttered the words “Fibromyalgia” the reality was, they still didn’t know how to treat me.

Over the years, I relied on myself to find out what I was dealing with. I did my own research and conducted a fact finding mission to get the answers. I was not about to let Fibromyalgia dictate how my life would be. Neither, would I allow any doctor to prescribe a cocktail of drugs which had the potential for making matters worse.

After diagnosis in the year 2000, I was convinced that I had the answers to make a difference inside of me. To my knowledge there were no external influences that caused my Fibromyalgia. It somehow manifested within me. Maybe my response to some emotional trauma, but yes, it began with me.

For many years, trial and error was the name of the game.

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Why Staying in Your Comfort Zone Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up To Be!
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Why Staying in Your Comfort Zone Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up To Be!

Who doesn’t love their comfort zone?

You know the place; where it’s all cosy, warm, snuggly and safe, very safe!

When you are battling a chronic condition, our comfort zone is our sanctuary. It is the place where we know our limitations. We recognise our abilities, so don’t really have to challenge ourselves too much. Nothing much happens in our comfort zone and we are OK with that.

Our comfort zone allows us to just be, where we are at, right now. In our comfort zone, we do what we have always done. Have the same coping techniques that may work on some days but not on others. We rely on the same medication because the doctor says that is what we should be taking. We accept what they say because, after all, they are the “expert”.

Yep, our comfort zone is certainly safe and comfortable but it is also a place where nothing grows. No hopes, no spark, no incentives and no change. Over time, left in our comfort zone we will basically stagnate!

The definition of stagnate is to “cease developing, become inactive or dull. Do nothing, become sluggish, lie dormant. Be inert, decline, deteriorate and fall – does this sound familiar?

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