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Image courtesy of Praisaeng at

Just type Fibromyalgia into any search engine and you will inevitably come up with a host of different therapies to treat the condition. You can discover the whole spectrum of different treatments out there from the medical option offering medication right through to the holistic and everything in between.

Over the years I have tried lots of different therapies in my quest to alleviate my symptoms, all of them alternative and holistic. My personal preference has been not to go down the prescribed drugs route, my rationale was it could get worse and then may be that would be the time for medical intervention. Thankfully, to date that time has not arrived. However, please don’t be under the illusion that I don’t suffer because rest assured I can flare with the best of them, I just have different coping techniques.

On these therapy pages, I will share some of the treatments that I have tried over the years and how I have personally found them. I will also explore some that I haven’t. Please feel free to share your treatment and therapy choices for coping with your symptoms.


Image courtesy of Praisaeng at

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