Fruit waters 1

We all know that water is essential to good health but if like me you can’t manage a glass of water without putting a tea bag in it, this might just be the answer!!

Try making fruity water with herbs – you can make up some great combinations and generally if the items work together on the plate, chances are they will make a lovely refreshing drink for you to keep in your fridge and enjoy when you need that thirst quencher.

The two waters pictured were honeydew melon with cucumber and mint. Drunk lovely and cold straight from the fridge, it really did hit the spot. The second was a lemon & lime with rosemary, again a lovely combination which was tasty and refreshing. Strawberries, lemon and basil was a strange mix but tasted totally divine. You can drink good old plain water, or jazz it up a little by using coconut water for a Caribbean twist.