Yogamazing ~ Chaz Rough

When I made the decision to try yoga, I was nervous about attending a class. I had tried before and usually ended up leaving embarrassed as a lot of the time, the Fibromyalgia got the better of me and I would have to sit out or couldn’t keep up. I decided to look on YouTube and search for yoga videos, I really couldn’t relate to the bendy Wendy’s but when searching specifically yoga for Fibromyalgia, I came across Chaz Rough. I had found my virtual yoga teacher.

What I love about Chaz is that he is real, he is patient and makes each yoga class a pleasure. He talks you through each pose, telling when you to breath and explains everything- fantastic for a beginner but also great for somebody who is a little more experienced. I eventually got the confidence to go to a Yoga class and have been attending weekly for almost 2 years now…..and I love it.

I am thrilled to say that Chaz has given me his kind permission to share his videos with you, so I wanted to start with this introductory video from his YouTube channel.


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