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I would love to get your feedback on any aspect of my Blog, Facebook page or Twitter feed. It is only with your comments, support and constructive feedback can I adapt, improve and reach out to other sufferers with the intention of helping them along their journey with Fibromyalgia.

I am thrilled to have been given kind permission by Davina Burden to share her messages. Davina found my Facebook page through a mutual friend sharing the link. It is for people like Davina that I am taking my Wellness Coaching course and reaching out to fellow Fibro sufferers.

Thanks Davina, you have made all of this worthwhile.

Hi i would just like to say …as a Fibro and Joint hyper-mobility suffer for 15 years how much i enjoy your page and posts …there are a lot of pages sites out there on the web …but yours is so up lifting and inspirational ….i have always tried to stay positive and work my way around this illness rather than give in . I had to give up a job i loved for many years and retrain to something i could do more easily …i also bucked the drug line with strong pain killers etc and have tried to adapt my diet and lifestyle to help it more …even though there are times i have to give in and take pain relief . But i find there is so much negativity from suffers …and i totally understand where they are coming from , but it is an illness without a cure but it is not terminal and my opinion is it could be worse … Anyway you have inspired me to return to yoga and heal from within ….as i use to do it but like yourself i got frustrated at having to take it easy some days …and good luck with your page and course . Davina x
Fibro Fantastic – From The Yoga Mat With Love
6 May 06:29
Hi Davina, thank you so much for your message, it has made my day. You are exactly the person that I wanted to reach out to and help, somebody who finds the Fibro information out there so negative. I did too and as you say we are not terminal and I just came to the realisation that there had to be a better way. After 25 years suffering I decided I was probably experienced enough with Fibromyalgia to share my story and offer some and advice. I would love to have you along for this journey if you are up for it Are you happy for me to share your message on my blog? Can I also just ask how you found the page, did it come up in a search?
Once again, thank you for contacting me and I will do what I can to support and inspire you. I know you will gain so much from yoga, just be very gentle with yourself at first and don’t judge yourself to harshly. Baby steps will go a long way – I promise you. Please let me know how you get on and I am always here if you need me.
Tracey x
Davina Burden
6 May 11:02
Hi Tracey …thank you for getting back to me yes share my message if you want to . I found you though a friend liking your page and was curious by the title so found you that way and read your blog and found it inspiring especially as i am 47 and thought well maybe this is it …too old now and maybe just have to manage it best i can ….but it showed me you took the bull by the horns so to speak and are turning it around …yes it is a daily struggle as you very well know but i feel positivity …acceptants and down right bloody mindedness …lol can pull you through …there is no cure it is just manageable and no one knows or can manage your body better than you we just have to learn to listen to it and give it the fuel and care we can to let it heal ….sorry i rabbit on lol just glad someone else thinks about this the way i do …and thank you getting back to yoga is defo my next step …Davina x

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