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Fibromyalgia Is The Least Of My Worries

Words I never thought I would hear myself say…

…that at this moment in time, Fibromyalgia is the least of my worries – yep, you heard it right.

This post is well and truly from the heart. The tears fall as I type. I am not sure if you can relate or even if it is in the spirit of Fibro Fantastic but hey, it’s my blog and my little space on the worldwide web to share my story.

Fibromyalgia has been my constant companion since 1989. I didn’t ask for it to join me on my life’s journey but after all of these years, I like to think that we have an understanding. We have rules to play by, me and my Fibro.

For my part, I treat it with respect and keep it in check most of the time. It on the other hand, reminds me every so often how disruptive it can be to my existence. How it can stop me in my tracks and lay me low until such time as I take notice. It teaches me to take care of my body. To rest, to nourish myself with good food and to keep my stress levels in check. When I forget the rules, it makes me pay with the understanding that with self care, I can ultimately get back on track.

At the end of July 2016, I was involved in a car accident and sustained injuries to my neck and back.

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Fibromyalgia, The Blog

Explaining Fibromyalgia to Family & Friends

….it’s not that easy!

When it comes to Explaining Fibromyalgia to Family & Friends, it’s a tough one. It isn’t something that comes easily to them or even to you for that matter. No matter how long you have battled with the condition, the reality is that you will always come up against opposition when you are trying to explain how this “invisible illness” affects you every day.

I have battled Fibromyalgia since 1989 and I still think that there really isn’t one member of my family that just “gets it.” And to be fair, who can blame them. Most of the time, I look absolutely fine – a little tired maybe. I am not rolling around the bed writhing in pain. I don’t have a raging temperature or covered in some unpleasant rash – I am to all intents and purposes ME.

It is for this very reason, that those battling Fibromyalgia often feel incredibly isolated and alone.

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