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Greetings from Kos


Personal Photos courtesy of Tom Marinelli

Personal Photos courtesy of Tom Marinelli

Morning from a beautiful sunny Kos.

It’s 8.30am and already very warm. Proof if ever it was needed that you are what you eat and do. Yesterday was a busy, travelling day so no morning yoga session and ate what I can only describe as mostly pre-packed and totally processed crap on the plane.

Having eaten clean for the past couple of months, my body has rebelled big time with bloating, cramps and feeling generally yuk, even trying to compensate with gallons of peppermint tea hasn’t helped. So thank goodness I packed apple cider vinegar!! Today, I am on a mission to borrow a yoga mat and will be seeking out plenty of fresh fruit, veg and fish before I have to face airline food again next week. 

Moral of the story is that this is absolute proof that our bodies need to be fed fresh and unprocessed food, it craves clean food and makes our lives (and health) uncomfortable when it doesn’t get it. We need to move and stretch and the effects are noticeable when you miss just one day. Once our bodies know they are onto a good thing it certainly let’s us know when it isn’t happy.

Good eating habits don’t take long to make and would, I imagine be hard to break given the adverse effects in doing so.

Have a great day, I know I will x