The Light

So almost 500 hits to my blog, it’s exciting to see that people are finding me and reading what I have to offer.

I am sharing on Facebook, joined Google plus and Tweeting too, such is my desire to reach out to other sufferers and help to support and empower on this toughest of journeys. I want to educate and show that there is hope after being diagnosed  with an incurable and invisible illness, that we still have lives worth living and can make valuable contributions.

Today, I gained an A grade in my Health & Wellness Diploma course which means I can officially call myself a Wellness Coach.

At 51 years old, this dog is learning some new tricks and it’s exciting. I feel a huge sense of achievement  because I could so easily have accepted my fate.

This time last year it was official – I had suffered with Fibromyalgia  for over half of my life and the realiFB_IMG_1425628452733sation hit that by the time I eventually leave this earth, the majority of my life will have been turned over to this disease, illness, chronic condition whatever you want to call it…..depressing thought isn’t it? Or is it??

Not for me. I see this past 12 months as a new beginning, a time of transformation and akin to a rebirth. A time of acceptance, yes actually accepting my fate and then working with it for the better, changing my stars and taking this massive negative in my life and making it a positive. I am luckier than most, I get that but that doesn’t mean I suffer any less just maybe a little differently.

All of us have something to offer and no matter how debilitating our condition, the very least we can do is to share and support one another, we can help educate those who don’t understand and who make rash judgements about what they cannot see.