Breathe…….We all do this without ever thinking about it, our body is incredible and one breath comes after the other uninterrupted. Just give a few moments today and think about the power of breath aside from the obvious one of keeping us alive! Breath has the ability to relax, to energise, to calm and to coax us through pain. The reality is that I think few of us really use our breath to its full advantage, we shallow breathe which is sufficient to keep things ticking over but take a few good, deep breaths into your lungs and stomach and feel the difference. Use deep breathing in the morning to fully awaken and energise your body, take some big inhalations in stressful situations and use that same breath to help you relax when sleep refuses to come. Go on, try it now – take a long slow breath in for the count of 3 and release it for the count of 3, be aware that the little place in between breathing in and then out is a very powerful place to be, so pause for a moment there. Have a lovely day x

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