Stop, Look & Listen

Stop, look and listen. …….no, I am not going to give a road safety lesson but I do want to share the importance of taking the time to just slow down for a few minutes. We are almost at the end of April and I have heard so many people say “where has this year gone?” It certainly seems to be flying by quicker than last and that is saying something.

If we let it, life can sometimes get us down. Switch on the TV and it is all doom and gloom, everybody is busy trying to make ends meet, people are working longer hours and the reality is life is stressful at times. What would happen if we just stopped doing what we are doing for just a minute or two? In all likelihood, nothing of any great significance. The world would keep turning but just a few moments to stop, look and listen can go a long way to chilling us out. So……

STOP what you are doing, just stop

LOOK around, look out of a window – look at the beauty outside as the season takes hold, all the trees and flowers springing into life, the beautiful blue sky and the sunshine. I guarantee if you take a moment to look, something will make you smile. Yesterday, for me it was watching a small herd of cows running to the gate when the farmer turned up with their breakfast. We miss so much while our heads are looking down

LISTEN being quiet is powerful. Open a window and just listen, all the different bird song is incredible first thing in the morning. Turn the radio off in the car, hear the engine and the different sounds your car makes. It occurred to me as I was doing this yesterday how much we take for granted when we get in the car and just turn the key.

Being in the moment is wonderful. Try it and see x

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