Healthy Eating

I am putting together my final assignment for my Health & Wellness Diploma on what constitutes a healthy lifestyle.

The World Health Organisation defines health as “a state of complete, physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity”. Therefore “healthy” is defined as balance in body, mind and spirit.

For thousands of year ancient philosophies have understood that you cannot separate the body from the mind and therefore the will to have wellness in all areas of ones life relies on choice.

From birth our lifestyle choices are dictated by our parents, they determine what we will eat, how much exercise we can get and what our social environment involves but even as temperamental toddlers, we start making our own choices particularly with regards to what we will or will not eat.

For the majority of people the decision to live a healthy lifestyle is a conscious choice and will normally be as a result of some life changing revelation.

They determine for whatever reason that a good diet, an exercise regime and some mind management is the path to a positive, energetic, happy existence free from illness and disease. A decision to follow a healthy lifestyle very often comes on the back of a “scare”. A diagnosis that our “unhealthy” choices are proving detrimental to either body, mind or spirit – possibly to all three.

Given the fact that a healthy lifestyle has to be pursued and sadly is a not a given in this world of processed food, obesity and stress, then this decision to change takes work, dedication and commitment.

It is vital that we positively affirm to ourselves how these changes will benefit our whole being if we are to succeed in achieving a balanced wellness and reaping the benefits in the years to come.