Green Beans

Having an amazingly chill out day which was very much needed.

I have had an hour of yoga and meditation this morning, followed by pottering away doing a few chores to some fab chillout music courtesy of You Tube. I have just prepared this evenings dinner and have to confess to getting a real kick out of preparing fresh, healthy food, in this case veggie tagine.

I get so much satisfaction from honouring my body in the best way I can by feeding it good, unprocessed food, moving it with gentle yoga and stretches and trying to minimise stress with meditation, mindfulness and calm surroundings. I can’t cure my Fibromyalgia but I can give it a run for its money and make it tough for it to overwhelm me completely. Fibromyalgia and feeling fantastic can coexist, we just have to figure out how and what works for each of us.

Happy Saturday!