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From the moment we are born, the power of touch is so important. Can you imagine a new baby never being cradled, not kissing better the scraped knee of a toddler or hugging a teenager as their heart breaks for the first time. How would it be to not know the joy of caressing the face of your true love or comforting an aged parent by holding their hand? Throughout life, touch is vital to our survival and I can not even begin to envisage how any body could function without this all important human interaction.

For those of us suffering with Fibromyalgia, our tolerance to touch can be compromised by a number of tender points on the body as well as widespread muscle pain. Even the slightest tap can prove to be incredibly painful at times, even a hug can prove uncomfortable. The prospect of massage is extremely appealing to most but the reality for Fibro sufferers is that this too can prove counter productive, creating more pain and discomfort during and after the treatment. Having said that, I believe in the right hands massage can prove beneficial in the management of our Fibromyalgia symptoms. Personally, I have spent years trying to find that all important therapist who understands my body and the chronic condition with which I am suffering and I have to confess this has not been easy. However, I am thrilled to say that I have found that person and my regular massage treatments are I believe critical to my wellbeing.

Lisa is an incredible, compassionate and patient therapist who has worked with me over these past months and has a good understanding of Fibromyalgia. This is so important when finding a therapist and perseverance will pay off when trying to find the right person to stand alongside you as you battle the condition. I have recently been part of a study that Lisa has been carrying out on Myofascial Release and it’s effects in alleviating Fibro symptoms, once the results are released, I hope to be able to get Lisa to share her findings with Fibro Fantastic.

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