Up and at 'em

One of the most defining Fibro symptoms is our wonderful ability to wake up every morning feeling totally refreshed and raring to go………..not!!

The reality is, we can sleep for 8 hours straight and still wake feeling as though we have been partying until we dropped and then got stampeded by a herd of elephants on the way home. For me this is one of the most puzzling of all of the Fibromyalgia symptoms but probably also the one that has in some ways saved me from succumbing fully to this rotten condition.

Bed is the one place that I retreat to when the going get’s tough but it is also the place that I refuse to stay.

From the time I got my diagnosis I refused to stay in bed, no matter how bad things got – I got up and faced my day and I urge you to do the same. If you have to go for a lie down later that is fine but getting out of bed, even when the easiest thing in the world would be to stay there is a powerful affirmation that you are not going to give in.

You are inadvertently telling your body that you are up and about, ready to face your day and get on with your life.

What are you telling your body if you crawl back under the covers, afraid to try and see what you can do with the next few hours? Oh, I know that some days it will be hard when every muscle in your body is aching, your back burns with pain and your legs won’t move – this is my reality most mornings. If I didn’t get out of bed and move, those joints and muscles wouldn’t be given the opportunity to free up, I would lie in bed, seize up. I would, I believe, be on the slippery slope of giving in and succumbing to all that is cruel condition has to offer.

So, when you wake, check in with your body before you try and get out of bed. Then slowly does it, one step at a time get yourself up, take as long as you need but get up!

As you take those first unsteady steps, remember you are sending the message “I am up, I am not beaten and I am ready to face my day whatever it brings”.