David Bowie

Just a week ago, we learnt that the legendary David Bowie had lost his fight against cancer. By all accounts it was a battle that he fought quietly and bravely until the very end, unseen by all but those closest to him. 

I was no exception when it came to experiencing the shock and sadness felt by so many people, particularly of my generation, his music and that voice was always there.

Within hours of hearing the news, I had watched his final video and listened to his last CD released just 2 days before his death.  His parting words in song were powerful and moving but above all very sad. As I listened to the 7 tracks from his new album “Blackstar”, for sure this was David Bowie saying goodbye in his own theatrical, genius way.

I listened to all the words and guessed at their meaning, trying to imagine how this brave soul felt recording  what he knew would be his last offering, he sang of his fast approaching death and heaven, he sang of being free – it was brave and heart breaking all at the same time. The thing that struck me most, was how he was living and indeed dying on his terms, he was seeing his time out doing something that would stand as his epitaph once he was gone.

Do any of us truly live as if tomorrow were not promised to us? How many of us allow our Fibromyalgia to stop us doing the things that we really want to do?

What makes us smile, what brings us joy and how can we manifest these into our pain filled, brain fogged days? Do we still set ourselves goals and stretch our abilities, what about our talents? So many times, I hear other sufferers putting limits on themselves because of their Fibromyalgia but the reality is that even on our most painful and miserable days this horrible condition will not kill us. It can hold us back, it can slow us down but it cannot kill us and you know the saying “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”.

We can all be heroes – rather than just for one day,  why not try a day at a time.

I personally have set no New Year’s resolutions, I know what I want to achieve this year and every other year. I want to keep working hard at my health, to continue to look for ways to manage my condition and to maintain a quality of life. I have projects to achieve and there is no time like the present.

Whilst I will continue with my blog in an attempt to empower and support my fellow Fibro warriors, my heart lies with my creative writing and this year, I will endeavour to take the next step to see my words published. If I don’t try, I will never know. In the words of the Starman himself “I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring”.

So, as my tribute to the brave, brilliant and beautiful David Bowie I leave you with his final  video Lazarus in the true hope that he is indeed free.