6 Weeks to Fibro Fantastic Wellness

Taking Ownership For Your Own Health & Wellness

….and why I chose to share my online wellness strategies.

Back in 1989 when my Fibro symptoms first showed themselves, I was given loads of conflicting advice from doctors. They had no idea of what I was battling on a day to day basis. It took them 11 years before they could actually put a name to the problem. Even after they uttered the words “Fibromyalgia” the reality was, they still didn’t know how to treat me.

Over the years, I relied on myself to find out what I was dealing with. I did my own research and conducted a fact finding mission to get the answers. I was not about to let Fibromyalgia dictate how my life would be. Neither, would I allow any doctor to prescribe a cocktail of drugs which had the potential for making matters worse.

After diagnosis in the year 2000, I was convinced that I had the answers to make a difference inside of me. To my knowledge there were no external influences that caused my Fibromyalgia. It somehow manifested within me. Maybe my response to some emotional trauma, but yes, it began with me.

For many years, trial and error was the name of the game.

I tried so many remedies, treatments and therapies looking for the elusive “magic pill” (not literally of course). The more I understood about Fibromyalgia, the closer I got to controlling my symptoms.

By taking my diet back to basics, I learnt which foods sparked a flare. I realised that by limiting my meat intake, my symptoms eased somewhat. I discovered that I could exercise, so long as it was gentle and moved my body in a way that didn’t aggravate my pain. By practicing meditation and mindfulness, my stress reduced a little and so did my symptoms.

My Fibromyalgia in the most part is controlled.

It has been a difficult and long journey of self discovery but I feel that now I have the winning combination.  I still flare and have the bad days but I know how to quickly get back on track.

Having taken the decision that I wanted to share this knowledge with my fellow sufferers, I undertook training as a Health & Wellness Coach. I knew that if I reached out and shared what I had learnt, I had the potential for helping others too.

Supporting others on a one to one was my initial goal but then I realised that I could help so many more, if I went online. I was excited that I had this knowledge that I could pass on. So, I decided to create an online wellness course specifically for those battling Fibromyalgia.

It was a labour of love and using what I had learnt along with some factual information around the condition. 6 Weeks to Fibro Fantastic Wellness was born.

Dealing with Fibromyalgia is about so much more than just a good diet and exercise. Cultivating a positive mind-set is critical along with ongoing support from somebody who has walked in your shoes. I stand ready to walk with you.

Online wellness is a great option for anybody suffering with Fibromyalgia and chronic pain. It means that you can get the support and advice you need with just a click of a computer mouse. No venturing out of the comfort of your home and often you can work through a course at your own pace. No deadlines and you can easily catch up if you miss a week. By opting to go online, you can get the information you need all in one place. No need for hours and hours of trawling the internet or reading up in books. The hard work is done for you.

By signing up for 6 Weeks to Fibro Fantastic Wellness, you will have all the tips and tools you need to start and make a difference to your Fibromyalgia.

“Success begins with just one step outside of your comfort zone”

Start the fight back today, take ownership and make that investment in your own health and wellness. Living your best life with Fibromyalgia is possible – take it from one that knows.