Fight or Flight

There are so many studies around Fibromyalgia, it’s causes, the symptoms and possible treatments, it is a minefield trying to work out whether this ache or that pain is as a result of the fibro or another condition altogether.

I think for sure the one thing that we, as Fibromyalgia sufferers and the experts can agree on and that is that stress compounds any symptoms that are already there.  For me personally, increased stress has always spiked a flare and given that new research has concluded that our fight or flight is stuck constantly in the “on” phase then it makes sense that our bodies are constantly in a heightened state.


I have already shared the findings of Fibromyalgia sufferer Dr. Ginevra Liptan from the Frida Centre For Fibromyalgia on the Fibro Facts page of this blog. On this subject she says:

“Medical science has not yet figured out how to turn off the switch of the stress response that gets stuck in the “on” position in fibromyalgia. When we do that we will have found a cure. Right now there are some very effective treatments that address the end results caused by the abnormal stress response.”



The reality is that if we could change the adrenaline and cortisol chemistry associated with the fight or flight response, the pain of Fibromyalgia could possibly begin to decrease. Because our bodies are constantly in this heightened state, pre-empting worst case scenarios it is very difficult or near on impossible for us to totally relax. For years, I have said time and time again “I cannot relax” or “I don’t know how to relax”, so this fight or flight theory makes total sense to me.

If we can find some way of putting our bodies into a state of calm, this may go some way to helping to diminish the effects of having our fight or flight switch stuck in the permanently on mode.Fight or flight

Meditation and Mindfulness are two ways which we can bring our bodies into a calm state. There are many ways we can meditate and maybe you will be surprised to hear that you don’t have to sit cross legged in front of a Buddha with your hands in a mudra position and chanting OM.

Over the coming days, I will be sharing some tips for some great meditation techniques and how you can practice mindfulness every day. You will be surprised how easy you can incorporate both practices into your daily routine. It doesn’t have to take up a large part of your day but the benefits can be huge particularly in addressing some of our Fibro symptoms.



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